Our Focus is
the customer

When you call Poly-Pro II you will be answered by a real person knowledgeable about our company and product line – no voice mails, no prompts -- LIVE HUMANS ready to earn your business and trust. That’s how we have survived and thrived for 33 years now, by focusing on the accounts that we are fortunate to have and providing them with the best possible customer service. Allow us to quote on your current or new business opportunity – we’re here to help!

We are real people.

We are husbands, mothers, fathers, coaches, bad golfers, football fans, and dessert lovers! But most of all, we at Poly-Pro II can help you earn and retain business by taking advantage of the competitive edge that we give our customers. Give Poly-Pro II the opportunity to become a loyal vendor for your company, and we’re sure you will be happy with the results.

Trust, Experience, Dependability

Common words that are often uncommon in today’s business world. However, Poly-Pro II continues to be a safe haven year after year for our customers wanting a supplier who they can trust that can provide quality products, outstanding service, and positive results. As a family owned company, we have earned the trust of our clients by providing cost effective solutions while also adapting to the changing business climate and challenges present in today’s economy. We are knowledgeable about the products we sell and considerate of the time and pricing pressures that come with a competitive market. When you give us the opportunity to earn your valued business, we give back effort, fair pricing, and consistent products made in the USA.